Crosline Laser maintenance tips

A cross line laser is a compact leveling device that can be used for many construction jobs and also at home. Many professional craftsmen but also hobbyists have such a device for this reason also in your toolbox. In order to keep everything in line and to make the cross line laser as durable as possible, conscientious and regular product care is essential. Technical equipment needs to be properly handled, cleaned and stored to keep it operational for a long time. Find out the best way to go about product care for cross line lasers in this brief guide with helpful tips and tricks.

Clean and care for cross line lasers – Here’s how:

The good news is that product care of a cross line laser is usually neither particularly complex nor time-consuming. Nevertheless, it should be cleaned well at regular intervals, as it is often exposed to a lot of dust and other dirt on construction sites.

Before you start cleaning the device thoroughly, please switch it off and also remove the batteries or rechargeable battery. To clean the cross line laser superficially, it is best to use a soft, dry cloth. If more stubborn dirt residues have settled on the laser, you can also dampen the cloth a little and use a gentle detergent. However, pay meticulous attention that no water can penetrate through the housing into the interior of the cross line laser. Moisture can cause a short circuit and irreversible damage to the electronics. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or hard sponges for cleaning, as this can permanently damage the plastic housing.

Small tip: If you have used the cross line laser on a very dusty construction site, then you should use a compressed air spray for cleaning. With this, you can also easily remove dust in the cracks and crevices without fear of damaging the device. Such compressed air sprays can be easily ordered on the Internet or purchased in specialized stores.

Special attention and care must be ensured when cleaning the glass insert, behind which the laser unit is located. Dirt and possible scratches on this glass greatly reduce the functionality of the cross line laser. Only use soft and scratch-free cloths in combination with water and fat-soluble cleaning agent for cleaning. Also avoid reaching directly onto this glass surface when setting up and dismantling the laser.

After about 30-40 hours of operation, the batteries usually need to be changed as well. This is usually very easy to do. However, if there are any uncertainties, you can read the procedure well in the supplied instruction manual. Important: Do not throw the empty batteries in the residual waste, but dispose of them properly.

For storage and transportation, the cross line laser should either be placed in its own carrying case or put back into its original packaging. For storage over a longer period of time, you should still make sure that the cross line laser is placed in a dry location that is not subject to large temperature fluctuations.

If there are various functional limitations or other defects, then you should only have repairs carried out by trained specialists. As soon as you open the housing of your cross line laser on your own, the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

If you follow these simple tips for product care of cross line lasers, the device should be able to serve you faithfully for a long time.

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