Crossline laser with tripod

With the help of a cross line laser, fast and efficient work is easily possible indoors and in dry areas. The usual manual handling with a spirit level or a chalk line is no longer necessary. There are cross line lasers with and without additional functions. These can extend the range of application. However, they are not necessary and are not an indication of the quality of the device. Some devices have additional functions such as a tilt function, pulse mode or plumb function. The tilt function allows you to work in the dialogs, the pulse mode allows a better view of the laser lines and the plumb function project additional points on the ceiling and floor.

A cross line laser with tripod is suitable for interior and drywall construction. It beams two lines at right angles. These then project a cross on the selected wall or object. Handling is simple and produces a flawless result. Price-wise, you’ll find everything from inexpensive to professional devices.

Everything about cross line laser with tripod

For which applications is a cross line laser with tripod suitable?

A cross line laser with tripod can be used by do-it-yourselfers as well as by professionals. It depends on the future field of application, which performance and price are suitable for it, as these can vary greatly. A device with a satisfactory performance is already available from 50 euros. Many people use a cross line laser mainly for interior work. This mainly concerns the laying of tiles and drywall.

What are the advantages of a cross line laser with tripod to alternatives?
The cross line laser has left various alternatives in the rear. These are:

Spirit level

The cross line laser has many advantages over the spirit level. There are many error rates when drawing in manually. These do not occur with the cross line laser. Likewise, nothing needs to be drawn on, as the device directly casts a cross on the wall or object.

Percussion cord

A chalk line is more accurate than a level, but it is easier to use a cross line laser. With the percussion line, the previous handing is not omitted. However, this can be avoided with the cross line laser.

Construction laser

A construction laser is a rotating laser. A cross line laser is a device with less capabilities. Depending on the application, each device has its advantages and disadvantages. A cross line laser is mainly suitable for indoor use. With diem device, the price-performance ratio prevails. The rotary laser in good quality costs at least 300 euros.

Which accessories are advantageous?

Extended accessories can also facilitate the work with the cross line laser, as well as additional functions.

Tripod / telescopic rod

A tripod is useful if you often work at heights and do not want to build funny constructions. The cross line laser becomes much more stable with the tripod and can be individually adjusted in height.


If you work at a further distance with the cross line laser, a handheld receiver is important. Depending on the manufacturer, the distance of up to 80 meters range can be bridged.

Laser goggles

Laser glasses allow you to see the laser of the cross line laser much better. However, keep in mind that your eyes are not protected.

Advantages and disadvantages of a cross line laser with tripod
The advantages of a cross line laser with tripod are very clear. It is very easy to operate and use. Even if you are a craftsman, you will get a professional result. The cross line laser is easier to use than a spirit level. The devices are built very handy. Of course, such a cross line laser with tripod also has disadvantages. It is more difficult to adapt to the existing lighting conditions and the range is limited without a receiver.


Cross line laser with tripod in detail

Bosch Quigo cross line laser

Cross Line LaserProduct InformationCustomer ReviewsSummaryProduct Description Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser For more precise work in your own house or apartment, the Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser can be of great help. Instead of a red laser, this particular cross line laser uses the color green; this is said to provide up to four times better visibility, according to the manufacturer, as green is more perceptible to the human eye.

Laserliner 081.120A cross line laser

The Laserliner 081.120A cross line laser is an automatic, self-leveling line laser ideal for interior work.

Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser

The Bosch PLL 2 Cross Line Laser is excellent for amateur DIYers who want to quickly and easily align objects absolutely straight or at any angle on a wall.

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