Tile laser test – The best in comparison

The tile laser has various functions

A tile laser will do the jobs like measuring, aligning and plumbing without you, the user, having to do much. Once you have understood how it works, all the handy work will also be done quickly and accurately by hand. The laser creates a visible line where it is needed. Everything about tile lasers

What is a tile laser?

It creates a vertical and horizontal line with the help of a cross line laser. These form a cross when they are brought together. The laser is clearly visible at several meters. This makes it much easier to work as a craftsman, engineer or architect. The cross line laser is first aligned on a tripod or a solid base. No spirit level or tape measure is necessary thanks to the device. The tile laser can be operated for a long time due to a powerful battery or rechargeable battery. Thus, there is no need to always re-measure or re-align. The result is accurate and the lines are always at 90 degrees to each other.

What can a tile laser be used for?

The field of application is very large. These can be for example:

  • Drawing lines on floors and walls
  • Wallpapering and painting
  • Installing wall cabinets, washbasins or the like
  • Laying tiles
  • Aligning regele and other furniture
  • Attach pictures in a straight line

The tile laser has a range of several meters you have enough freedom of movement. A cross-line laser with self-leveling means that the device aligns itself so that everything is plumb.

What are the functions of a tile laser?

The tile laser projects 2 laser lines at a 90° angle, allowing for precise alignment of tiles and laminate. To precisely lay tiles in straight and diagonal patterns, the cross line laser tile laser has 3 bubble levels. To mount the device, a wall mount is advantageous. The tile laser is suitable for easy laying of wall or floor tiles and laminate.

These are the things you should consider when buying a tile laser
Distance / working range

The manufacturer determines here how far the lines of the cross line laser are visible. Generally, a working range of 10 to 15 meters is sufficient. It should not go below that, because otherwise working could become difficult.

Accuracy / Deviation

There are partly differences in the horizontal and vertical deviation. Tolerable are deviations +/- 5 mm on 10 to 15 meters.


Self-leveling should not be dispensed with. The tile laser works according to a certain method. Similar to a spirit level, it uses a swinging pendulum with an integrated laser diode. This aligns itself freely according to gravity and can therefore never be wrong.

Battery / rechargeable battery / charging time / operating time

With a tile laser, you will rarely encounter an operating option other than batteries. Often power supplies by battery or cable have proven to be inefficient. It makes more sense to use free. Ask before buying whether the device can be operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The different price is often important feature in the operating times of the batteries. Such a tile laser should not fail in the middle of creating the next tile line. Unfortunately, so far the devices do not specify an estimated operating time. Therefore, it is quite useful to take spare batteries or rechargeable batteries to the construction site in order to be able to work throughout.


Tile laser in detail

Laserliner 081.120A cross line laser

The Laserliner 081.120A cross line laser is an automatic, self-leveling line laser ideal for interior work.

Bosch PCL 20 cross line laser

The Bosch PCL 20 Cross Line Laser is a laser with built-in self-leveling, which always automatically plumbs the laser lines and projects them as horizontal and vertical orientation lines on a wall in seconds.

Stabila LAX 50 self-leveling cross line laser

The Stabila LAX 50 Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser is a quality self-leveling line laser that comes with a tripod-telescopic pole combination included.

Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser

The Bosch Quigo Cross Line Laser is a foolproof, functional, self-leveling line laser that automatically plumbs its laser beam and provides absolutely vertical and horizontal lines projected on a wall or masonry in no time.

Makita SK104Z cross line laser

The Makita SK104Z cross line laser is a very practical cross line laser that is excellent for interior work. The construction laser can be aligned as a cross. It also offers the possibility of separate vertical and horizontal alignment, projecting the laser beam on a wall or on the desired object. The Makita SK104Z cross line laser is dust and splash-proof.

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